about jeremy

*I am not seeking photo related work while I focus my efforts on the study of Law as a J.D. Candidate at Columbia Law School - Class of 2022*

born and raised in seattle, washington;  it was a photo course in high school where i first stumbled into photography... i couldn't afford my own camera, photo paper or even film, so our instructor lent me my first SLR, helped scrounge up extra paper for prints, and let me 'borrow' film rolls...

from the first moments developing rolls of film, to the first successful prints out of the dark room, i was taken by the entire process.  promising myself a personal darkroom when i grew up, the decision was made to leave photography a passion, not knowing there could ever be a career in it...

i attended college at the university of new mexico in albuquerque, new mexico.    earning a bachleors in secondary education, and majoring in u.s. history.  i also competed in the decathlon on the lobos track & field team.  go lobos!

highly motivated and deeply committed with a new sense of love for the arts, i moved to los angeles, california in 2010 and built a career in photography.

photo: ben miller